How to buy and sell a token on WOLFEX


Buying tokens on WOLFEX is easy. Simply follow 3 steps:


1. Select your trading pair

  • Select which trading pair you would like to purchase.You can search for a specific pair with the search bar, or scroll up/down to explore the trading pair options.Once you select a trading pair, the order book on the right will populate with all ongoing orders. Sell orders are displayed in red, while buy orders are displayed in green. The orders displayed here are live: as soon as an order is filled, the order book will immediately update.


2. Select the price and amount you wish to purchase

  • Now you need to fill in the specifics of your order:

    – Limit Price

    Enter the maximum price you are willing to buy these tokens at. This is displayed in ETH per token.

    – Amount

    Enter how many tokens you wish you to purchase.

    WOLFEX will calculate the total for you based on the current Ethereum Network traffic. You can see the estimated fee for a given order displayed next to the total. After entering the Limit Price and Amount for your purchase, click the BUY button.


3. Confirm your order

  • Once you click the buy button, WOLFEX will prompt you to confirm and sign the order before sending it to the order book.-If you have enough ETH for gas to complete the transaction, you just need to sign the transaction (in MetaMask or your ledger) to post it to the order book.  Signing the transaction will post the buy order to the order book.-If you do not have enough gas to complete the transaction, WOLFEX will prompt you to purchase additional ETH to complete the order.  Once you sign your order, you will see it appear in the order book. You can view and manage your ongoing orders in the “Orders” panel.
  • Order Books

    Buy Orders:

    These green orders are created by users who wish to buy the tokens. They are arranged from the most expensive at the top to the cheapest bid price at the bottom.

    Sell Orders:

    These red orders are created by users who want to sell their tokens. They are arranged from the cheapest at the bottom to the most expensive asking price at the top. Note that you can click on an order to automatically set your current price. When a transaction occurs, the orderbook reacts.

    Order Books