Our program doesn’t impose any limitations on anyone or companies. You can join our program from all over the world. You have to create an account with us and start using our investment tools. We welcome investments from both corporations and individuals from across the globe. What you just have to do is to abide by our terms of service.
What you need to do is just to click on the contact us button, and you will get in contact with our support system. Select the relevant option to your question, and we will be more than happy to answer your question.
We do accept payments from Bitcoin, payeer, perfect money and ethereum.
We prefer using online payments because they are fast, convenient, popular and widely used around the world to transfer money at a very low cost. They are more suitable for our business progress and more important to our clients as they enable smooth transfer of money in and out of our accounts without necessarily having to pay tax.
Yes. We offer powerful 100% protection from any form of DDoS attacks with an uptime of 100% guaranteed. Our services are around the world, and we are protracted with the most powerful DDosguard, the most trusted and powerful DDoS mitigation and protection provider around the world. Military grade encryption is also added to prevent the client’s data and information from being accessed by unauthorized users. So you don’t have to be stressed when you invest with us, your money is in safe hands.
No. It will not affect your investment in any way. We do convent our client’s investment in Bitcoin to USD at any time and vice versa. The conversion is usually based on real-time money exchange rates when your deposit or withdraws your money.
This difference is due to the different volume of assets invested, management strategy and the type of structure in one’s portfolio. So if you divide you invest more in management strategy, it will result in more profits.
No. The daily sales are normally included in the principal amount.
You can get in touch with our customer system by phone or email for further assistance.
On our website, “register.“ section. What you need to do is to click on it and fill in the form. Make sure the information that you provide is true. You will get a confirmation message for account activation. After that, you can log in With your username and password
You can check on other tabs like the spam folder.
On the log in page, we have forgotten password tab that you can use to reset your password through a link that will be sent to your email.
You need to have a password with a minimum of 8 characters
You need to create a powerful password that contains numbers, small letters, and symbols. Keep your password confidential; never share it on any platforms.
We use ssl technology to encrypt your data; we also verified by McAfee security company, you don’t have to worry about your security.
It is a number that is secure which you select during the registration process. This number will be required when you want to modify anything on your account and when making withdrawals.
You will have to contact our customer service staff using Live chat or support ticket. You will be required to send your username, security question and answer to our support. You will get a response after 24 hours
It is a system that prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account. You need to input your password, username and the two-factor authentication secret key
The key is generated for you when registering your account. Store it in a safe place.
Numbers and alphabets that you fill in when you want to log into your account. It is created during the registration process.
You will have to contact us, through the contact us page, provide your password, security question and answer. You will get your code reset immediately
Contact our system and clearly, state the error that you are experiencing. Alternatively, you can check your internet connections or clear your browser cache or change the browser.
Contact our support immediately for appropriate action to be taken. You can also use the recovery option available on our website to change your pin and password immediately.
You need to contact our support and share all related details to your account, and you will have your email changed within 48 hours
All accounts will be suspended. Don’t register with fake information
You won’t be affected in any way, but you need to take advantage of our tools by investing.
At your account dashboard, and you will see a Button that will enable you to deposit, follow the simple instructions to make your deposits, contact system support if you experience any difficulties.
You won’t be charged when making deposits
On your account dashboard, you will be able to see your investment and transaction history.
It is a secure number than you will have to select when you are registering your account. It will be required when you want to make changes and withdrawals from your account.
Log into your account and on the deposit button, select your payment method and complete the transaction
Our system supports the following methods a. Bitcoins b. Okpay c. Payeer d. Perfectmoney e. Adcash f. Nixmoney
You can deposit $10 as the minimum allowed and up to a maximum of $500000.
It should be instant, but it depends on the payment method that one chooses.
Yes. Can make as more deposits as you want
It should be instant, but it depends on the payment method that one chooses.
It should be instant, but it depends on the payment method that one chooses.
Yes. Can make as more deposits as you want
Yes. Account balance can be used to make deposits.
After your first deposit, you will get a first accrual set at 1% of the amount deposited within 24 hours. Your interest will grow at the rate of 0.5% per day up to 4% which is the maximum allowed
The minimum amount is 2$ with no maximum cash out limit
It is processed instantly or less than 2hours
All members who have active accounts with us
You have to invite people to you our site or promote our ads. When people you have invited make deposits to their accounts, you will earn a commission of 3% to 10%.
Referral link is created automatically when you create an account. Banners and links can be obtained from the affiliate section in your account.
No. It is unacceptable to recommend yourself. Your account can be suspended for such cheating behavior.
Yes. Any additional deposits from your referrals will earn you commission or related bonuses.
Immediately they make deposits, your commission and bonuses will be accredited to your account
You have to share your referral link your friends and all your social media account for more people to create accounts through your referral
No. We don’t have any limit to that; the more referrals you get will mean higher earnings
Yes, it is accepted as long as they use their details to register
No, this is done as security to prevent the creation of many accounts and prevent making deposits via your referral link
You can withdraw immediately it is accredited to your account. Alternatively, you can use it to invest
There is no fee that is charged when one in making his withdrawal.

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